You are a Lawyer. But Who Made You Holier-Than-Thou?


Are the words “Earn Me” such a difficult concept to grasp? We are not entitled to anything. The universe does not owe us anything. Society however, finds it hard to catch up to this. And for some people, if not a lot, it’s an idea that is hard to grasp with.

See, just because you’re a lawyer doesn’t mean people ought to kneel before you to worship your intelligence and your lawyer-iness. You are not a ‘Your Grace’ or ‘Your Highness’, your IBP identification card is not a magic card of outright life privileges, the title before your name does not mean no one is to cross you as you go about your routine and the mere fact that you’re a lawyer does not mean that you are Holier-Than-Thou-Who-Is-Not-A-Lawyer. 

Not that I am dissing lawyers. I am a lawyer too. And it gives me all sorts of pride that I am. I am proud that I graduated from one of the best law schools in the country; that I am part of the batch of Bar passers with the second lowest passing rate in history (as of now); and that despite how passive I can be with my readings (and believe me I am) I not only passed the Bar Examinations the first time I took it, I made it to the original six percent of the passers without any grade falling below 50%.  (I still wonder how that came to be. But I think my indifference greatly helped me during the exam.)

But there’s a fine line between being proud and being a braggart. There is also a world of sameness between being a braggart and being an elitist. One thing leads to another and often, the words blur together. And I hate elitism and elitists. The fact that I am partly surrounded by such people since I was sixteen makes me frown at them more.

I cringe at the elitist bragging. Maybe it was meant as a joke, but the fact that it was thought about and words did come out says a lot. It’s still frown-worthy. If I’d get a hundred Pesos for everytime I have to not-say to someone ‘So what if you’re a lawyer?’, I’d be binge shopping every now and then.

The law profession is an exclusive social circle. Does it sound so hypoctrical if I say that I like the fact that it is? Perhaps. But then I would defend myself by saying there’s a wall the size of the Great Wall of China between being proud of the exclusive membership and shoving it to people’s throats expecting to be treated oh-so-very-well simply because you are a member of that exclusive social circle.

Television shows glamorize the law profession too much. (I’m looking at you Suits.) So do we. It is a source of hypocritical, conflicting pride. I do realize that there are innate privileges to being in the law profession such as people being in mild awe at your accomplishment and (quickly) getting things others can’t.

It’s not that I’m being ideal. I am far from being an idealistic person (anyone who says otherwise do not know me at all).

What happened to humility? In Bisaya, hilas ra ka kaayo. I just hate elitism.




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