Monsters vs. Aliens: the fight for Earth begins

It was supposed to be Susan Murphy’s wedding day. She would be wed to a man with the unfortunate thumb-length whom she thinks she loves (the whole time I wonder what she sees in him so I refuse to acknowledge that she was ever in love with him). And so she stands there outside the church with her beautiful wedding gown billowing atop grassy grounds when Pixar decided to play a trick on her and plummet her with a radioactive meteorite from outer space. And beautiful, petite Susan Murphy grew to such height worthy enough to earn her the name of Ginormica. Fortunately, she isn’t the only unique creature in this Earth, there are others too. Unfortunately, being a unique creature, she was captured and sent to a top secret prison facility. These all happened in less than ten minutes.

There in this top secret prison facility (where no one is someone else’s bitch), Susan Murphy a.k.a. Ginormica, meets B.O.B. the blob, Dr. Cockroach, the Missing link, and Insectosaurus, a butterfly-ish unique creature that is larger than Susan. They, along with other unique creatures are kept locked up in this massive prison facility so the rest of the world can sleep soundly and unknowingly. (By now you should be able to get that said unique creatures are the gentle words I use in lieu of  ‘monsters’.) But then peace didn’t last (the movie requires it). Alas, an alien robot deployed by an alien has landed on American soil (“where U.F.O.’s always seem to land”) and, having not been pleased to the Close Encounters-like piano greeting (in addition to wanting to invade Earth), the alien robot started destroying everything. And who else should Earth call to defend itself but the unique creatures they locked up in some top secret prison facility. (Hence, the title.)

 Just so you would know, I watched this the same week it opened in the theaters. And boy, am I glad I did not spend a cent of my money to watch this there. (I downloaded it, I never said I watched it in the cinemas). It may be enjoyable, it may have a moral lesson nobody does not already know, but I felt like it’s not worth spending Php 170-ish of your money for.

Monsters vs. Aliens failed to give much. It lacks a captivating plot, appealing characters and an overall charm that is a characteristic of movies like Finding Nemo, Toy Story and Wall-E. It suffers from being emotionally closed: there are world-threatening incidents but they are trifling, there are different personalities but no real character, there is a heartwarming wish but it does not have a soul. Its inability to reach the viewers is its ultimate downfall. I felt like I was just watching a movie, instead of being told a story.

Bottom line: It is enjoyable, but it is forgettable.


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